What to do when a dog is lost and why insurance can help you

Many owners and owners have experienced what it is like to lose a pet, even for 5 minutes. There is no worse feeling. We know it is difficult, but at that moment, keep calm. The chances of finding you’re hairy when lost are very high if you follow some logical patterns in your search.

● Consult your neighbors

By neighbors, we understand any person who is or has been in the area where your pet has been lost. Normally, children tend to walk or cycle more than adults, and it is easier for them to remember seeing a dog. So it is a good idea to ask them too. Also notify the neighbors of your area if you were walking through a different area, in case your furry is trying to find the way home.

● Consult with veterinarians in the area

It is a good idea to call all veterinarians in the area since someone could have taken your pet to his clinic. Check back with them as many times as necessary and ask if you can hang a “wanted” sign in the waiting room.

● Ask at local shelters

You can’t miss calling also the animal shelters in the area where you lost your pet. Pass in person and show them a photo. Stray dogs can go quite far, so keep in mind shelters that may be further away.

● Make posters

If your dog has not appeared in 24 hours, it is best to make “wanted” posters and start wallpapering the neighborhood. The poster must include a photo of your pet, and it will be more useful than a long description. If you can print the photo in color, even better.

Otherwise, include a brief description of the dog’s distinctive colors and characteristics (such as a scar or a limp), as well as your contact information.

Do not paper only the streets, also social networks.

Today they are a great method to reach many more people. Share it on your profile, pass it on to friends and family, Facebook and WhatsApp groups, protectors … Everything you can think of, the more people see it, the better.

● Police stations and taxi drivers

Go to your nearest police station and report the loss of your dog. It is also a good idea to go to taxi drivers and leave them a sign.

Think that both police and taxi drivers move around your city a lot, so they have a better chance of seeing your furry and calling you if they recognize him!

● Organize search batters

Surely your friends and family are willing to help you. Do searches starting where your dog has been lost and gradually increasing the radius.

You can also ask for advice from a local animal protection association. They are experts in finding and “capturing” lost and abandoned animals. Surely they know how to tell you what patterns they usually follow and what strategy you should take to have more chances of finding your dog.

For example, remember that if it is summer, an animal is more likely to go out at night to look for food, and to be sheltered from the heat during the day. Anyway, it will be a disoriented animal, so if you can go asking people on your way to try to find out the route, they have been able to follow, also placing posters.

And above all, do not lose hope. In Snau we have lived in our flesh a case with a happy ending, everything is possible!

● The best, be prepared

If your dog has a microchip, it will be easier to find him, since in any veterinary clinic they can read the device and know where the animal lives. The necklaces can be hooked and detached. Plates are useful as long as the dog does not lose the collar.

In Spain, many animals are found every day that are sure to have an owner, but no microchip … This makes it very difficult for them to return to their homes. That is why the microchips will ensure that the animal carries a permanent identification.

Is dog insurance useful if my pet is lost?

In addition to all this, you can be prepared in case one day your pet is lost. Dog insurance can cover the cost of loss or theft, so, in these cases, it can be a great help.

From our experience, the more posters you put better, and even better if they are in color so that your dog is well recognized.

Insurance could help you with these costs of printing and placing ads on the street and in the media (for example, in the press). In addition, there are veterinary expenses. Keep in mind that when you find your dog, after the reunion, it is important to take the veterinarian as soon as possible to see that everything is fine. According to a study, some 20,000 lost dogs return home each year, almost always thanks to the microchip. First of all, to find your pet,  the most important thing is persistence. If you do not cease your efforts, the chances of your story having a happy ending increase. And we hope so!

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