Tips to protect your dog

How is it transmitted?

Phlebotomes are the only ones that can transmit the parasite and therefore the disease. The most common species of phlebotome in Spain is Phlebotomus perniciosus, which is distributed from the coast to the mountains, being the most frequent in urban environments.

Why is leishmaniosis important?

Leishmaniasis is a serious disease and it is also a zoonosis, that is, it can be transmitted to people through the bite of the mosquito. In recent years, with the rise in temperatures, the season in which the phlebotome can sting has expanded, so the risk of infection can exist throughout the year. one

The current weather conditions are also favoring the presence of mosquitoes transmitting the disease in many areas of Spain in which a few years ago there was no risk of infection. two

Leishmaniosis can put your dog and your family’s life at risk, so it is essential that you keep your pet protected against the bite of the phlebotome throughout the year. We tell you how to protect your dog from this parasitic disease.

How can we prevent the disease?

Below, we explain the most effective methods:

According to experts, the main way to prevent infections by this dreaded parasite is by using topical antiparasitics with proven activity in preventing phlebotome sting. 3

Antiparasitic collar

Scalibor as it has been shown to maintain a repellent efficacy against the mosquito that transmits leishmaniasis between 94% and 98% during the 12 months persistently. 4 The highest repellency rates of a collar against the mosquito that transmits leishmaniasis.

If your pet is infected, it is important that you continue using the collar, as other bites can cause a relapse and a reactivation of the disease. Scalibor is also backed with more than 10 repellent studies against the mosquito that transmits leishmaniasis, and field studies with more than 30,000 dogs. 5

Other recommendations

It is convenient that you avoid night walks. Use fine mesh mosquito nets and let the dog sleep at home at night. Remember, due to the variability and rise in current temperatures, now the risk of contagion can exist throughout the year, so it is very important to ensure that dogs are protected during the 12 months. 6 You no longer have to worry about when you put the collar, Scalibor offers complete protection against the phlebotome for a whole year with a single collar.

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