What to do when a dog is lost and why insurance can help you

Many owners and owners have experienced what it is like to lose a pet, even for 5 minutes. There is no worse feeling. We know it is difficult, but at that moment, keep calm. The chances of finding you’re hairy when lost are very high if you follow some logical patterns in your search. ● […]

Pet insurance, when and where are MANDATORY

In Spain, there is an average of 5.4 million dogs. Even in some neighborhoods in the center of Madrid, there are more dogs than children. With so much hairy quadruped lose, some municipalities and regional government bodies have decided to regulate the presence of these pests. The implantation of the chip and vaccines have long […]

CANINE TRAINING TECHNIQUES, which are the most effective

Are you thinking of training your dog or puppy but do not know where to start? Proper training and socialization are among the basic needs of your dog. It is essential to begin training your pet as soon as possible and with proper methods based on positive reinforcement. Training your dog is hard work, and […]