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COLLEGE CLOSED, Martin L. King Day Observed. Could he say the same if she hadn’t intervened? She jerked in her head. Noc took another step and stumbled, nearly tripping into the marshy water. Noc flicked his tail next to her, shaking off the brackish water, and neighed. PARTY 2 STITCHES 3. A dead end. Miranda Honfleur, Author | Author of the #BladeAndRose romantic epic fantasy series. Dhuro, one of the princes of Nightbloom—Nozva Rozkveta. Miri. Writers, perhaps, were not always the best of runners. It’s do a great a sword-and-sorcery short story with a wonderful lead in mage apprentice Rielle, A great supporting cast and an adventure that turns out to be much more than what it first seems (and no I’m not going to tell any more and spoil things). Chains wove around her legs, and a heavy net landed on her back. “They haven’t. He’d come to know humans well, a few very well, enough to learn never to trust them. Welcome back. The unicorn had saved his brother Veron and had helped stop the war with the Brotherhood, which despite her questionable familial ties, set her apart from the trash Belmonte had led. Dhuro sketched an amused smile that swiftly faded, then shooed Noc away. She made him want to just—. And that his brother is here! Arabella Belmonte? That made entanglements… difficult. If this had been some spell, the arcanir blade of the polearm would’ve broken it. Read books online from your pc or mobile. She gave an encouraging nod. I think she’s been imagining how things could have gone, Noc added. Ahead, the Altobelli Mountains towered over green hills, their staggered gray peaks biting into the high-noon sky. She hit the door again and again, and if the gods could but spare her a mercy, Mamma or one of her brothers would hear. She spoke in his mind with a rising hopeful pitch. As a human, it had seemed so magical, so wonderful, the idea of becoming this symbol of peace, this magnificent being. Help me! More novels online: romance novels, fantasy novels ... Get your novel featured. We have Battle Through The Heavens, Against the Gods, Coiling Dragon, Soul Land, Tales of Demons & Gods, Desolate Era and many more! “The sky realm hates you.” Gavri’s voice was pitying. Her window glowed golden with candlelight, and in it stood Tarquin, his arms crossed, brow furrowed, peering down at her. Mati hadn’t wanted them to risk that, and he wouldn’t. The ground thundered with galloping hooves from behind him. Dhuro rolled his eyes. Blood spattered the mud. If Mati wanted his help in the defense, she’d have it. In the heat of the moment, she’d misunderstood, and he knew that. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. And she still pressed him on this? “We’re leaving,” he bit out to Arabella, his voice low, and looked to Noc for permission before mounting up. Recieved this email from Amazon just now: “Hello Gloriamarie. Her entire body blazed with arcanir, pain so white hot it blinded. Dhuro had lost someone he’d loved to war, too. Or just another barb, veiled a bit better than the rest? . All I asked for was an answer, she replied. Miri. Not when she was so close and, for once, her idol so real. Blinking up at them, he stood, unable to move, to speak—Darkness, barely able to think. She stepped away, and he fell forward, just a step before he caught himself with a hand on her shoulder. You will take her there.”. Not even if she trained more with Noc? I've tried the Amazon link and as of now, it leads me to "page not found". she asked him. I was really looking forward to reading it. I would’ve stopped them, too. - 251 Followers, 124 Following, 1525 pins Do you have a preference? Her eye twitched. She stared into the dark water, finding a shade of her reflection. Oh, I… Um… Sometimes she still didn’t manage to keep her thoughts to herself. Like the other large moons of Uranus, Miranda orbits close to its planet's equatorial plane. His people only eyed him, no doubt feeling the same. Before Noc could stop her, she ran toward the sounds. Yet with every new blessing she could think of, every new way this change should be wonderful, she only wanted to cry, more and more. But as “Renato”—her pseudonym and secret political alter ego—she could introduce Silen to an entire society that had renounced war eons before this kingdom had even crowned its first king. There’s a leader, assisted by a dark unicorn. Her ears flicking back, her head drooping, she followed as Noc led the way, picking up the pace along the mountainside. My glamour might prove useful. It had to be this route. Perhaps even her ability to keep her family safe. Although their talons were dangerous, griffins had weak points at the wing and neck. He held up a fist, and the other dark-elves kept low to the ground. At her hooves. Valka thumped her foot on the ground, catching Arabella’s attention. Sorry about the spelling my D and N key’s stick on this board and sometimes does not actually type do should be down! Metal clinked, and she bucked. He eyed Mati. One. Wooden clubs beat her to the ground. living life in conscious reality Bright moon. He nodded. He looked back over his shoulder and grunted. Even to someone who loathed her as much as Dhuro seemed to. Even if she did Change back into herself, would she remember how to write again? One of the kuvari rose from their concealment, wiping the blood off her blade in the quiet. Her eyes met his, but she didn’t waver or pull away, not until he withdrew his touch. I’m rather hard to miss in this form, aren’t I? True enough. Maybe she could contemplate not interfering next time and risking his whole team’s lives. “We’re going to camp somewhere safe,” he gritted out, nodding to Gavri to lead them back down the mountain, “and ignore any more questions from you.”. Read all articles. The attackers had been light-elves, after all. His hand reached for a sword that wasn’t at his hip, not this early in the morning at home. Arabella stiffened, although she didn’t say anything more. Thank you for your help. Read more about dreaming of Moon shining bright, seeing the in other dream meanings interpretations. And considering Zoran was king-consort, and Dakkar, not just his best friend but a prince of Dun Mozg, had been fostered here, their ties were nigh unbreakable. Was that why Mati wanted to see him, to give him a position with the queendom’s defense? This book was so good on so many levels that I can’t rightly express how much i enjoyed it. “Well then, I’d best not keep her waiting.” He gave Vadiha a reluctant nod. A woman whose people worshipped war, whose family lived and breathed it for coin, wrote about the alternatives of nonviolence, their potential to resolve conflicts, and their implementation in other cultures, both human and nonhuman. I loved the first book in the series and I would love to read the second. With a toss of his tail, he trotted past a dumbfounded Dhuro and back toward the squad. He shook his head vehemently. A fighter for as long as she could remember, Tarquin nevertheless had gone quietly into exile. He’d never quite heard it put that way, but… he supposed it was true. Not now. Her breath caught. Enough of this gooey, sticky emotional mess. She laughed self-consciously. These attacks are their strategy to keep us at bay. The staccato of hooves against the cobblestone invaded her ears, beat further and deeper. Feast of the Mother (#1) 2. Frowning, he tipped his head up. Noc asked. He glanced to Valka, who crouched low with her bow ready, and she gave him a grim nod. She needed to survive, at all costs. “Your ambition is relentless.” She paused to watch another group of novices spar. A dark look over his shoulder. She made a habit of interacting with things they would associate with her—nosing the courtyard bench where she’d often done her reading, pawing the soil of her small vegetable garden, nudging the unicorn statue Cosimo had sculpted for her, even tapping the windows between her chambers. Dhuro parried and counterattacked with his second sword, cutting the light-elf’s thigh. Was this the wrong way? They had merit, enough to make her a threat to fortunes made by nobles and their instruments of war. With a sweet personality like that, his fangs and claws really had to be purely ornamental. Coming before December 21, 2020.). Huddled together in a mountain crevasse should’ve been better than being out in the storm, but if it meant getting some distance from him, then the rain, the thunder, and the lightning began to feel inviting. “Although she’s learned much in her time here, she needs to learn control of her Change. His lovely tone really shouldn’t have surprised her. It was some spell of the unicorn, some illusion, or… or she was still in that dream. He craned his neck toward them a little, but when they dispersed, he made a show of looking around. No one took his advice anyway, so it was a waste of breath; everyone seemed determined to learn the hard way. Ah, thank the Darkness, she wasn’t speaking to him. Hers. When she felt strongly in the moment, things just happened. Deeper into the heart of Nozva Rozkveta, most of the dwellings along Central Cavern’s interwoven pathways had already been stone-sung, and its most precious jewel—the palace—blossomed in black crystal perfection, ringed by the shining teal waterway that tumbled down into the Darkness below. At least then we’ll know why we’re stumbling all over the marshes. Feb 18, 2020 - Bright of the Moon book. Order Summary: Bright of the Moon (Dark-Elves of Nightbloom Book 2) Good luck, Bella, Noc said, slowly moving to join them. So don’t try it again.”. She’d waited, probably hoping he’d cool off, and then when she’d finally spoken to him again, he’d ripped her head off. No doubt she’d wanted to rip Tarquin Belmonte’s head off his body, but exile had been more palatable to the humans and likelier to lead to a lasting peace. She peeked around Noc, her sparkling green eyes meeting his, and lowered her head, flicking her tail. “After you charmed us all, what would’ve happened if more enemies had ambushed us?”. With a long-suffering sigh, he hung his head. Miri. Its width would suit even the more equine members of their group, because if he had to hear one more complaint about how difficult the marshy terrain was, he would—. And in parts, it was. It seemed she wouldn’t be the only surprised one here. “You think everything is about you, don’t you, princess?”, There it was again. Hopefully it would work. She’d be reminded of the real world and rooted in it, and whatever spell or dream this was, it would end. She wouldn’t charm Dhuro or the other dark-elves again, but once she trained more with Noc, she would use it on their enemies if necessary to prevent deaths. Roza blooms studded the bioluminescent vines sprawled above, consuming the stalactites and the ceiling. Nonviolence. It hadn’t been so long ago that his people had suffered a food shortage, but with the human alliance, they’d come back from it stronger than ever, and that bounty had been shared with Dun Mozg. No preorders and no official publication date for this one. She’s just trying to understand you, Noc said to him pointedly, with a misstep that seemed a lot like a hoof attempting to crush his toes. None of whom had recognized the four-legged creature bearing down on their doors and windows, desperately trying to communicate with them. “When we exiled the leader of the Brotherhood, he agreed to go quietly.” She clasped her clawed hands behind her back, her shoulders stiffening. Two Witches and a Whiskey (The Guild Codex: Spellbound #3) by Annette Marie In case of danger, fey horses could cast illusions that might help them. She shifted from hoof to hoof, turning to Noc. He inhaled deeply and shook his head as he entered Central Cavern. The light-elf hissed and retreated before advancing once more with renewed vigor. Faster and faster, picking up speed. Wrath consumes him as the dark does the night… Until she rises. You know, if you want to learn something, I heard there’s this library being built—, He raised a hand. So what did it matter if he’d gotten things wrong, if he’d upset her? It would be better if he knew what he was getting into rather than proceed blindly. FRIENDS 7. He held her gaze, as if challenging her to talk back. Why are we waiting until night? All day Tue. Literally, with her hand. And you, unicorn! Or was he still angry over her charm during the battle? We always have. Blowing out a breath, he clenched his jaw and moved on ahead, scouting their trail. As she struggles to hide her seditious activities, a chance encounter with a unicorn leaves her with four hooves and a horn of her own--and a form she can’t control. She had the Darkness’s own good fortune that he couldn’t move right now. What had been sheer joy as a child had been the terror of the battlefield, as dark-elf legions had struck fear into the hearts of their enemies. “Why aren’t the humans handling it?”, Mati’s mouth tightened to a grim line. No, the true punishment had been taking her constant barbs and needling. REPETITION 8. Darting beneath the scant light of the stars, Dhuro found the fallen harpy writhing in the murky water and sedges, its broken wings flapping in futility. Prince Dhuro glanced back over his shoulder. Yes. I suppose they have. Unfortunately, I’ve had some delays. Ask everyone who could’ve died because of her actions? Her chest tightened as though she were falling, but her feet found the dirt beneath her. Eyes couldn’t strangle anyone—she was fairly certain—and yet anyone who’d intrude into Dhuro’s line of sight right now wouldn’t be ridiculous to wonder. She takes that stuff with her everywhere. Which brother would that be? He was about to shout for her to run when the light closed the gap. It never did. Darkness, she would sacrifice him as she had Veron. Noc, Darkness help me, she can undo this, can’t she? He grimaced at her. Breathing deep, he looked away, popping his jaw. It wasn’t possible. Noc whipped his tail, catching Dhuro in the back. Go away. The peasants who fed into military recruitment would probably entertain her arguments... if they could read. Time-traveler, medievalist, and epic nerd. Any other would take them too far out of their way or far too close to the Lumia, the light-elf queendom. Or breathers. Leave! I can’t let a single person more be killed for my sake. This wasn’t about what scars they shared. But there was the small, tiny, minuscule matter of her being stuck in unicorn form. All day Admissions Office Student Center, SC-119. The release of the item in the order below has been canceled by the publisher and we have canceled your pre-order. Right now, Kinga and Gavri needed his full attention. There had to be at least two dozen. A pinprick heated her forehead. https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17037109.Miranda_Honfleur The price is on my head, not yours. And even Noc wasn’t always surefooted, let alone a new unicorn. Hi Miranda, Arabella asked, wiggling her muzzle in a way that brought to mind wrinkling one’s nose. Would love to know if this book is still being published and when? Unfortunately, I’ve had some delays. It says published September 30, 2020, but I can’t find it anywhere i really need this book………. I can hardly wait until the audiobook comes out. How many more would follow? “Your Highness,” two kuvari—Gavri and Danika—said by way of greeting. With renewed purpose, he headed for the palace’s black crystal spires, passed the four kuvari at the entrance, and strode down the side corridors to the training grounds. Mamma stood beside Tarquin, scowling as she clenched a fist. What was the plan? First i love to read, I read on average 5 to 7 books each week. Past the grove of chestnut trees and far into the expanse of northern Sileni hills, Bella scrambled home, the cold air stinging her teary eyes. Arabella began, but he hissed out a shh. “Noc,” he said breathlessly, “we need to lose them—”. “At the training grounds, I think,” Gavri answered. Not again. The way he looked at her wasn’t with the warm eyes of the brother who loved her, but… but cold, hard, like a lone bronze statue in an empty courtyard. Clenching his jaw, he looked away, grinding his teeth together. Little did he know that in pursuing the unicorns’ help, they were of the same mind. Removing the biggest threat to them before eliminating us all.”. And if unicorns were real, she’d meet this one face to face. The possibilities were many and... a good many weird. If Noc had had more expressive eyebrows, at least one of them would’ve quirked up judgmentally. Had the enemy killed both Kinga and Gavri before either of them could fire off a warning arrow? “Something funny about this to you?” he gritted out. But as much as it galled him, when his people had been most in need, it had been the humans who’d extended their hand. But only a fool could miss what she had done. Dhuro drew in a deep breath, fighting a twinge of conscience. And he will be stopped, with Gwydion’s help.”, His head spun. With a few beats of their massive wings, the griffins took flight, soaring into the dark sky. The Bright Moon Content He is the unreachable Yuetian in the eyes of the world, he cherishes and protects the world and the common people, he is his most revered master, he is also the one he has been looking for and buried at the bottom of his heart, he used everything he …

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