Pet insurance, when and where are MANDATORY

In Spain, there is an average of 5.4 million dogs. Even in some neighborhoods in the center of Madrid, there are more dogs than children. With so much hairy quadruped lose, some municipalities and regional government bodies have decided to regulate the presence of these pests.

The implantation of the chip and vaccines have long been mandatory as measures to register the animal in society and to guarantee adequate public hygiene, in addition to the advantages that this implies for the owner and the dog. The insurance social responsibility for potentially dangerous dogs (the famous PPP) is also mandatory, while there is a “boom” in pet insurance.

The insurance for dogs was not mandatory, but going one step further, some regions have imposed a compulsory hiring liability insurance for dogs.

Where is dog insurance mandatory?

At the moment, the Community of Madrid and the Basque Country are the autonomous communities that oblige any owner or owner of a dog to contract an insurance policy. This means that, even if you don’t have a dog named PPP, you are also required to purchase pet insurance. In both communities, owners and owners who have not acquired civil liability insurance are penalized with fines.

Insurance for compulsory dogs in Madrid

In article 6.2 of the Ordinance regulating the possession and protection of animals of the Community of Madrid you can read:

All dog owners are obliged to take out civil liability insurance, for the amount determined by regulation, within one month from the identification of the same.

In this way, the owner or owner of the dog will be solely responsible for the damages and damages that the animal causes to third parties, its properties and the environment in general.

What else do Madrid regulations require?

In addition to mandatory dog ​​insurance, Madrid regulations also impose several legal aspects on animal owners and owners:

  • European passport for pets when traveling outside Spain.
  • City Council authorization to have more than 5 dogs and/or cats.
  • The use of chain or leash, in addition to the muzzle if it is a potentially dangerous dog.
  • Possess the mandatory documentation of the animal each time the domicile is abandoned.
  • The dog can not bathe in public fountains.
  • The dog cannot remain in the patio or terrace of the owner’s or owner’s house for a long time.
  • Dogs cannot go in the elevator if there are more people inside.
  • If you have a PPP, the owner or owner must carry the administrative license that allows you to have this type of pet.

Insurance for dogs in the Basque Country

The compulsory insurance for dogs in the Basque Country works the same way as in Madrid. Likewise, it is mandatory to censor the animal as soon as it is acquired. In general, there are no more particularities between the Community of Madrid and Euskadi. In the case of the Basque community, it is Decree 101, approved in 2004, which obliges owners and owners of dogs to take out insurance without distinguishing between breeds considered dangerous and other dogs.

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