How to clean the dog’s fur from various contaminants?

Often the dirt that gets on the dog has to be cut off along with the hair. More often than others, owners of long-haired pets (collies, Shih Tzu, spaniels, and so on) face this problem. If the four-legged friend is covered from paws to head in mats, thorns, or dried paint (sometimes it happens), then it is better to take him to the hairdresser and cut his hair short. The coat grows quickly. And a neatly trimmed animal looks much nicer than a dog with a dozen bald spots. If the scale of the catastrophe is not so great, then you can try to cope with the problem on your own and with improvised means. Choose the best dog hair remover.

combing the dog's fur

Burr and various thorns. Try sprinkling the area around the thorn with a starch solution or hair balm, and then gently use your fingers to loosen the hair that has coiled around the thorn. You can try to comb out small thorns with a comb with rare teeth.

Complex knots and tangles. To remove the mats, sprinkle them with starch or spray with mats spray. Then, insert sharp scissors through the base of the mat and cut it in the middle several times. After that, you need a little more patience and diligence to disassemble the matted ball with your hands and release the fur. Untangle node comb this place comb with few teeth, and then smooth the brush to remove dirt and dead hairs, which caused the formation of the wool wad. You can purchase a special collar cutter at the pet store, which will greatly facilitate this procedure.

Fleas. You have to fight nasty blood-sucking insects on all fronts, using anti-flea shampoos, drops, and a special comb for catching small parasites in the complex. The flea comb is used for its intended purpose only and is not suitable for everyday grooming.

Ticks. Do not touch ticks with your hands. To remove them, you need to use a special tool (unscrewing ticks) or more familiar tweezers. If the tick has entered shallowly, then moisten it with vegetable oil and after half an hour, firmly grab the tiny parasite by the body and remove the parasite with a rotating motion.

Resin, paint, glue. Do not try to remove paint from animal hair with thinner! Not only does it irritate the skin, but it can also lead to poisoning if the dog begins to lick it. Among other things, a solvent is a flammable liquid. It is better to simply cut off the soiled wool with scissors. And if paint or resin stuck to your paws, you can try to grease them with sunflower or olive oil, and then clean with a towel.

Chewing gum and other stickies. You can try to lubricate the gum and any other sticky substance with oil, and then gently pull it off. If the chewing gum has not yet become entangled in the fur, a piece of ice may help. Rub the gum with an ice cube until it hardens. Then break the cured gum into several pieces and try to gently peel it from the fur in small pieces. If all else fails, cut the Velcro along with the fur.

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