HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST BED so that your dog has a healthy rest

To buy the best possible bed for your dog, you must take into account several factors such as size, age, sleep style, design preference (for the crazy of aesthetics) and if the animal tends to bite things or usually enters the house with mud.

Like choosing a human mattress, you have to consider what makes your puppy feel more comfortable at bedtime. The famous American magazine, The New York Magazine, has published an article in which several experts indicate their point of view on what to consider to improve dog rest.

In the article, veterinarian Lisa Lippman, head of the veterinary care portal Fuzzy Pet Health, indicates that dogs can get to sleep up to 80% of the day, so choosing where they spend all that time is not an easy decision.

Before buying, study your dog’s behavior

Before deciding to buy a bed and throw yourself as a possessive to our section of dog beds in the Snap store, experts recommend studying the customs of the dog. It is necessary to know if our furry is of those who crawl everywhere and then goes dirty to bed or is a “burrow” that is thrown all day at home. Is it cold? Or, on the contrary, it is usually hot all year. Do you have any special physical needs?

The dog’s needs are what define which type of bed is the most suitable.

All these influences when buying a suitable bed. The more you know about the dog’s needs, the easier it will be to find the right bed. Lippman comments in the article that your dog uses a bed with a memory foam base because your dog is very restless and does not stop moving. The memory foam returns to its original form once the dog moves. In this way, it does not deform the bed and will always be comfortable, according to the expert. “I also made some small velvet cushions so I can move them and find the perfect place to sleep,” says the veterinarian.

Not all dogs are the same, and experts recommend focusing on the unique needs of each pet. All dogs have different needs, so focus on what is unique about yours. If your dog has special ailments such as joint pain or arthritis, you should opt for orthopedic beds to help relieve your pain. You will know that you have made the right decision when you give him a treat and take it to his bed.

Types of beds

There are many different types of beds, both for the materials used for their manufacture and the purpose of them. In addition to accessories, such as wooden bases or cushions. Next, we explain the most common bed models on the market:

Basic beds

This type of bed is very simple, as the name implies. It is formed by a rectangular or circular mattress or mattress base. There are several sizes to fit the dog. It is not a bad bed if your dog is one of those who run all day and is not usually cold. Also, if the dog usually stretches a lot, this bed is a good option because it has no borders and allows the dog to move freely.

Closed or heat beds

The closed beds or beds heat is designed to give the dog some thermal insulation. These beds are covered by an edge higher than the base, like a small wall against the cold. In addition, the materials with which the bed is manufactured are usually warm.

Cold beds

Despite its name, more than a bed it looks like a mat. It is a thin mat that works as an insulator between the dog and the bed. In this way, it reduces the heat in the bed and gives a feeling of freshness to the animal.

Cage beds

It is a type of bed made with a moldable material. In this way, the bed adapts to the cage. They are the beds that are usually used in travel by plane or boat, or for situations in which the dog has to sleep in a cage.

Orthopedic beds

As we have said before, these types of beds respond to the need for a dog with chronic pain or with a disease that prevents its complete mobility. They are usually made of “memory” materials. That is, they return to their original position when pressure is stopped. They relieve joint and bone pain. They are very thick and firm.

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