How do flea collars work?

Most cat owners, seeing how effective the best flea collar for cats, quickly realized that it is easier to prevent their pet from infesting parasites than to rid their furry coat.

Therefore, more and more often you can see in cats walking in the yard, elegant plastic collars, which do not allow insects to settle in their fur. They serve as protection against fleas, while at the same time showing that this cat is not a stray, she has a caring owner. Pet owners, sometimes it is not clear how an animal can acquire parasites if it does not leave the apartment. Sometimes fleas enter the house with shoes, clothes, and then find a more comfortable place for themselves – a fluffy cat fur coat. Therefore, many cat owners purchase anti-flea collars even for pets that live at home.

How flea collars work

Flea collars are available in two versions. When creating one of the species, essential oils are used that repel insects. In the second case, the impregnation contains insecticides that kill some of the fleas. The rest of the insects leave their homes, only the larvae remain.

However, the duration of the composition is longer than the time of their transformation into an adult insect. As the flea matures, it also dies. The protective equipment worn on the animal is safe for its life, since the insecticide does not penetrate into the blood, but is distributed in the subcutaneous fat. Therefore, an insect that has bitten a cat quickly dies.

How to put a collar on an animal correctly?

Read the instructions carefully before putting the plastic strap on your cat. Some types need to be stretched slightly before use. This is done so that the active substance comes out. You also need to make sure that the collar is still valid and that its packaging is intact.

The prepared tape should be adjusted to the size of the pet. Putting on the product, you need to thread its end into the buckle, securing it so that a finger can pass between it and the neck. In this case, the animal will not be able to lose the collar, while it will not squeeze its throat at the moment when the size of the neck changes with the position of the body.

If the tape is too long, the excess must be cut off. The cat will definitely try to get rid of the free end with the help of its teeth. Biting the tape can poison the cat. The product takes effect immediately after the start of its use. You should not remove it from the animal until the end of the period indicated on the package.

Many cat owners are wondering: is it possible to wash a cat with a collar on? The answer is also on the packaging. Most of the products can be left on before water treatments. If there is such a need, then it must be placed in a tightly closed polyethylene bag.

Which flea collar to choose?

Like choosing food for cats, choosing a collar should be careful. The pet market offers a variety of insect repellants. Anti-flea collars made both in Russia and abroad are presented. For the right choice, you should focus on the quality of the product and the condition of the animal. Most protective equipment is for healthy adult animals. Some collars are suitable for small breed cats and dogs. the calculation of the funds, in this case, depends on the weight of the animal. Among Russian-made products, the Bars protective agent, an effective and inexpensive anti-flea collar, is popular.

Do not use protective tape if the cat is pregnant or nursing. If necessary, it is allowed to use products whose packaging is marked “BIO”, however, before that, be sure to consult a veterinarian. If the animal shows signs of allergy, you should try to purchase protection that has a different impregnation composition.

Flea collar for kittens

If you need to protect kittens from insects, you should purchase products that indicate the age of the feline babies from which they are allowed to use. Usually, the minimum age of a kitten should be at least 2 months, and some products are used after babies reach six months of age.

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