HAPPY DOGS What does a furry need to be happy

Dogs, like other living things, have several basic needs that must be met. If these are not provided or not addressed, the animal’s health may be adversely affected. When we talk about the basic needs of a dog, we refer mainly to food and a home to sleep. However, there is much more that must be taken into account to keep a dog happy.

What do dogs need to be happy?

To be happy, dogs need a series of attention. Living and caring for a dog requires responsibility since dogs have needs that must be met. If someone is seriously thinking of adopting a dog, you should consider this. Food, water, and bed are essential elements for the development of any dog. Even so, other elements are also important for the development of a healthy and balanced life:


The food quality, depending on the age and health of your dog, is crucial. Several dog food options on the market cover a wide range of diets for different breeds, sizes, and ages. You can also prepare your dog’s food at home. However, this should be done under veterinary supervision.

Regardless of the diet option you choose for your dog, you should make sure he receives the right amount of nutrients. Generally, adult dogs can be fed once or twice a day. Puppies need to be fed more because they are still growing. They need to be fed between 3 and four meals a day. When feeding your dog, be sure to offer the correct portion size appropriate to the amount of exercise they perform.

In addition, care must be taken not to overfeed the dog. Calculating food portions prevents obesity and weight problems. When a dog is fed correctly and correctly, it not only has physical benefits but will be happier and more energetic. Avoid any food that may be toxic to dogs.


Water is equally important than food, especially during the hottest seasons. There should always be a container with water within your dog’s reach so that he can drink when he is thirsty. To prevent fungus growth in your dog’s water container, change it, and wash it once or twice a day.

Bed and shelter

A dog needs space at home you can call their own. This space should include your bed, toys, and blankets for the cold. Dogs, like any other animal, need an area where they can go when they want to be alone and rest. Make sure this space is cool enough in summer and protected from drafts in the winter.


Having an exercise routine is crucial for your dog’s mental and physical health. Dogs need to run, walk, and breathe fresh air every day, especially when they live in small spaces like apartments. If you have a small dog, make sure you get at least half an hour of exercise a day. Larger dogs need at least an hour to get rid of tension and accumulated energy.

When you walk your dog, remember to wear a leash and let it run freely only in a safe environment. If your dog has a chronic disease, such as arthritis or heart problems, consult your veterinarian about an appropriate exercise routine.


The hairy need:

  • A monthly bath (or more often, depending on the fur of the animal).
  • Brush your teeth once or twice a week.
  • Cut the nails.
  • Ear cleaning to prevent and detect parasites.
  • Veterinary care, especially when they are puppies, to receive vaccinations and medical checkups.

Make sure your dog or puppy is well wormed and protected from internal and external parasites. Also, if you observe any physical or behavioral change in the dog or puppy, it is advisable to consult the veterinarian as soon as possible to rule out any pathology.

Emotional needs of a dog

Contrary to what some people believe, dogs experience emotions. These emotions should be considered and taken into account if you want your dog to grow up healthy and happy. Feeling safe is one of the most important things to keep in mind when caring for a dog. Hairy people need to have a place to rest and where to feel protected, surrounded by people who make them feel loved and safe.

Trust in its owner is also crucial and is considered another basic need of the dog.

It is also essential to establish rules at home, as well as educate and socialize the dog. It is vital that everyone in the house give the dog the same regulations and orders so as not to confuse him. For a puppy to not develop any fear, he must be allowed to explore the stimuli that surround him. Although we will have to watch it so that it does not mess.

Canine socialization

One of the most basic needs of a puppy and an adult dog is socialization. Dogs are social animals. Therefore, they need to start interacting with people, children, and other animals since they are puppies. Take the dog for a walk. Let the children play calmly and respectfully with the animal. Take your dog to the dog parks to meet others of its kind. All these actions should be done with your supervision, making sure that your hairy feels safe and cared continuously for.

The socialization stage during the puppy period is the perfect time to start teaching the animal the necessary orders.

Dog training

Training is also a basic need for any dog. As setting standards is crucial for a harmonious relationship between you and your furry, as well as between him and his surroundings. In this part of your training, you can count on the support of professionals such as Snau’s training team. The basic training of the dog includes teaching him to attend when he is called or making his needs in the appropriate places, among other things. It is essential that when you educate your dog, you remain patient and positive. At Snap we work 100% positive, and you get better results!

And of course, much love

Let’s never forget that our furry is one more member of the family. Let ‘s treat him as such!

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