Because my dog ​​eats grass


A little to all of us it will have happened to see our friends intent on eating grass, and maybe it will have happened to ask the vet why a respectable carnivore indulges in the pleasures of vegetarian cuisine. Try the best dry dog food for large breeds for your lovely pet.

Although dogs do not have an enzyme kit that can digest the cellulose contained in plant cell walls, this does not mean that they do not eat plant material at all. In fact, being omnivorous dogs can survive on a low-meat diet.

One of the explanations for this behavior is because it helps them manage nausea or vomit when they feel sick. It is very common for dogs to eat grass, so there is no need to worry if we see our friend eating a vegetarian meal.

If you observe a dog eating grass, it is noted that they are very selective, they only eat the green shoots of grass blades. This is because they can be more easily digested by the dog’s intestine compared to older plant cells that have indigestible, hard and lignified cell walls.

The propensity of dogs to feed on the grass in nature makes us understand that fiber is part of their diet in nature.

This is why it would be important to include vegetables and short-chain carbohydrates (such as rice and spelled) with meat. A healthy and balanced diet has these raw materials that imitate the way dogs could eat in nature.

Observing the behavioral characteristics of our friend we will learn to understand it also from the traditional point of view and understand it for what it is: an opportunistic carnivore!

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