5 tips for dogs and cats living together without dying in the attempt

Living together in the same space between dogs and cats do not have to be conflicting. We give several tips that will help you improve the relationship between your pets.

“A dog and a cat can be as friends as it can be two dogs or two cats. It all depends on how they are their personalities, their environment, and know-how long. And, if they have grown up together is much easier than is peaceful coexistence. But in most cases, the two animals are known in adulthood, or at least one of the two is an adult.

For this situation, there are several factors to consider for dogs and cats who have to live under the same roof get along or at least tolerated.

The presentation, a turning point

Usually, the animal reaches new territory “and conquered” by the current pet. Therefore, we must be particularly sensitive to this first contact. Among dogs that are known usually works outside the home. That softens enough time to go home. But cats do not often do this.

The first thing to be clear is that these are two very different animals. Therefore, we recommend that the first meeting take the dog tied, while the cat will have to be loose so you can flee if they feel that way. Cats can become overwhelmed quickly and be aggressive, so you should think that you have the freedom to escape the situation.

For this reason, we recommend that Do not hold the cat nor lame in her arms. That will cause more stress and may get scratched. Make sure the cat has short nails before the meeting because if things go wrong, you can leave a cat brand dog across the snout.

The important thing about the first meeting is that both animals can smell. That is the main objective. If when you come and start olisquearse, you find that are calm, let them continue. But if you notice any of the two shown Frisco, separate them before it’s too late.

At lunchtime, better separated

This advice mainly aims at those animals that are not too known. It is vital that everyone has their bowls and serve him food in different rooms. Thus avoid possible clashes.

Once the animals get caught confidence, it is not strictly necessary to eat apart. Still, it is always wise to keep an eye on them at lunch because no one should be allowed other food to eat. This could also trigger a conflict between them.

Doubles the number of toys

If there is a new animal at home, it’s time to buy more toys for two reasons. The first is to reduce anger by wanting to play with a toy already taken. We say “reduced” because it may happen anyway. Still, it is advisable that the cat toys that the dog has virtually no care about like reeds with feathers or scrapers, and vice versa.

The second reason why it is essential to buy from each toy is that they have different needs. Cat toys are designed to channel their hunting instinct, which is quite strong. While for dogs, they make them feel safe toys through a sense of ownership. So it is not a good idea to try to take a toy from a dog’s mouth.

Reinforce good behavior

Once they have started to be known, it is a good idea to reinforce positive behavior with verbal reinforcement and treats. A useful exercise is to learn to tolerate them together and when they are calm, give them both a gift. This is one way in which animals can associate the meeting with something positive. Treats should be given at once since no one would be positive and the other not eat, do or one before the other.

Together but not mixed

If you have already known and everything is going well congratulations! But that does not mean that you get along when you’re not. It is the best thing when you leave home for the first few days, leaving everyone in a room different. Since nothing ensures that they will not face when they are alone. You can spend anything, and you can find a mess back home. By taking this preventive measure, avoid any problems, and will not cause any trauma to none.

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