How to clean the dog’s fur from various contaminants?

Often the dirt that gets on the dog has to be cut off along with the hair. More often than others, owners of long-haired pets (collies, Shih Tzu, spaniels, and so on) face this problem. If the four-legged friend is covered from paws to head in mats, thorns, or dried paint (sometimes it happens), then it is better to take him to the hairdresser and cut his hair short. The coat grows quickly. And a neatly trimmed animal looks much nicer than a dog with a dozen bald spots. If the scale of the catastrophe is not so great, then you can try to cope with the problem on your own and with improvised means. Choose the best dog hair remover.

What to do when a dog is lost and why insurance can help you

Many owners and owners have experienced what it is like to lose a pet, even for 5 minutes. There is no worse feeling. We know it is difficult, but at that moment, keep calm. The chances of finding you’re hairy when lost are very high if you follow some logical patterns in your search. ● […]

Tips to protect your dog

How is it transmitted? Phlebotomes are the only ones that can transmit the parasite and therefore the disease. The most common species of phlebotome in Spain is Phlebotomus perniciosus, which is distributed from the coast to the mountains, being the most frequent in urban environments. Why is leishmaniosis important? Leishmaniasis is a serious disease and […]

Pet insurance, when and where are MANDATORY

In Spain, there is an average of 5.4 million dogs. Even in some neighborhoods in the center of Madrid, there are more dogs than children. With so much hairy quadruped lose, some municipalities and regional government bodies have decided to regulate the presence of these pests. The implantation of the chip and vaccines have long […]

HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST BED so that your dog has a healthy rest

To buy the best possible bed for your dog, you must take into account several factors such as size, age, sleep style, design preference (for the crazy of aesthetics) and if the animal tends to bite things or usually enters the house with mud. Like choosing a human mattress, you have to consider what makes […]

How do I tell my dog ​​that I love him in a way that he understands me

Move the tail, lick your face, and throw yourself on us whenever you can. This is how dogs show us their love. But how can we tell him in a way that he understands? We assure you some tips to make our pet feel loved. Walk with your dog regularly Walking is not only suitable […]

CANINE TRAINING TECHNIQUES, which are the most effective

Are you thinking of training your dog or puppy but do not know where to start? Proper training and socialization are among the basic needs of your dog. It is essential to begin training your pet as soon as possible and with proper methods based on positive reinforcement. Training your dog is hard work, and […]

7 tips to take care of your dogs health in summer

Summer is here with its warmth and its beaches. Those of us who have dogs, also, always like to go out on terraces or getaway with our pet. But keep in mind that dogs may react differently to heat. Quadrupeds with darker fur absorb more heat. Overweight dogs are more prone to heatstroke and dehydration. […]

5 tips for dogs and cats living together without dying in the attempt

Living together in the same space between dogs and cats do not have to be conflicting. We give several tips that will help you improve the relationship between your pets. “A dog and a cat can be as friends as it can be two dogs or two cats. It all depends on how they are […]